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Founded in 2016, WOMEN INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS (WIP) is an elite network of women producers based in New York City that supports, collaborates and promotes the work of its members.  Our goal is to elevate the careers of our members, end the gender gap in Hollywood and get more female driven projects financed and distributed.

Our producers are diverse in backgrounds, ages and specialties – many working internationally and with access to talent pools around the globe.  In addition to a variety of initiatives, the group hosts monthly dinner parties to discuss critical topics and to share resources. This more intimate setting encourages members to get to know each other at a deeper level and to foster growth and success.

​WIP is committed to creating more opportunities to best serve our members with current benefits and programs which includes:

  • Resource Sharing through our original "Ask & Offer" support

  • Crew, Staff, Vendor & Talent Recommendations

  • Collaborations & Partnerships between Members 

  • Master Classes & Workshops

  • Joint Functions with Sister Organizations

  • Discounts and Partnerships

  • Promoting Our Members’ Work to a Larger Audience


  • MONTHLY SOIREES  - WIP opens every meeting with each member sharing a positive update or motivating news about a project or professional achievement that has happened since their last attendance. The meeting continues with the chosen ‘Topic of Conversation’ where members discuss and troubleshoot a job-related issue, business development question or industry topic.


    • Audio Producers Connect – Online member meeting focused on producing podcasts and other audio content.

    • Global Connect– Online member meetings focused on building international producer partner relationships and resources.

    • Do Better Action Initiative -  A  member open dialogue on inclusion and diversity for expanding personal and group support.

  • ROUGH CUT -  An virtual private screening and peer-to-peer feedback session.

  • WIP AT WORK - Curated events hosted by vendor and organizational partners on production-related themes.


  • TALES FROM THE SET - A conversation series featuring behind-the-scenes production stories from women producers. Watch the Trailer

  • PRODUCE YOUR WELLNESS INITIATIVE - Curated wellness events for a healthy creative vision. Launched Jan. 2020 at MAC Pro Studio.

  • PRODUCERS CLASSIFIED - A public online resource for individuals to share a project looking for a producer to attach


Many programs have emerged to support female directors and writers, yet the support for creative female producers is almost non-existent. Empowering women producers to lead successful businesses, and supporting them to develop and produce successful projects is crucial to changing the paradigm. While there are more women producers in the industry than directors, there are not nearly enough who have been allowed to penetrate Hollywood’s inner circle. This partnership initiative is about championing our need for Access, Information and Money (AIM).

Partnering with our AIM initiative gives instant access to a diverse, talent pool of experienced women producers with interests, projects and relationships that reach all corners of the globe. Our producers are hardworking, trail blazing, and an under-tapped creative resource. We think outside the box. 

If there is a demand on Hollywood to create more diversity, then giving more women producers a seat at the money table will inherently solve the problem on all levels.








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WIP is actively building alliances to network with Women Producers from around the world. 
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