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To qualify for WIP membership, please see the requirements below. If qualified and interested in joining or requesting a courtesy invitation for a one-time attendance to our soirees (held the first Tuesday of each month), please complete the PROSPECTIVE MEMBER FORM.


For membership upon receipt, the Coordinator will follow-up  to set up a 20 minute introduction meeting with two current members. This meeting allows prospective members to get a better sense of our collective, and for WIP leadership to learn more about each prospective member and if the collective can meet the needs desired.  Following final approval, a confirmation notice will be sent for initial dues subscription and membership activation. 

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Producer Membership will unlock benefits to:


WIP Monthly Soiree

WIP Member Forum

Dedicated Member Profile Page on Website

Asks & Offers

Private Facebook Page

Website Member-Only site pages  

Special Events

Partner Discounts and much more...

In-person events will primarily take place in New York and Los Angeles; however, we are working to expand our membership reach to other States and international territories.




Membership is open to all women-identifying producers working within the United States and will be evaluated based on a combination of the criteria below, application materials, and an informal interview.


Criteria includes:

  • Candidates have a referral from a WIP, PGA , NALIP member or otherwise be an active /seasoned producer.

  • Must primarily work and identify as a Producer.

  • Must have performed on at least two projects in a producer-related capacity where they were not also a writer or director.

  • Produced and distributed at least one feature film or three short films or a TV/Cable/Web Series.


  • For non-primarily identifying as a producer, have a minimum 10 years of experience working in a complimentary, senior position within the entertainment and media industry with secondary producing experience  (i.e. film financier, agent, manager, casting director, sales agent, distributor, attorney, branded content)



Beginning late 2023, WIP will invite emerging career producer to an Associate Membership tier currently in development.  This pilot program will initially be offered to a small, selective group of individuals who do not yet meet the Producer Membership criteria. If you are interested, please complete the PROSPECTIVE MEMBER FORM and check the appropriate status for consideration.

Criteria includes:

  • Candidates are not currently an undergraduate student (though some exceptions may be made for non-traditional students or those returning to school)

  • Have at least 3 years of experience working in the entertainment industry (preferably affiliated with producer type responsibilities)

  • Have at least 2 professional references from individuals working in a producer-related capacity to attest to your industry experience

  • Have a drive and desire to work as a producer

  • Are passionate about interfacing with other independent women producers and be willing and able to assist promoting and support each other's screenings, initiatives and other information and resource sharing opportunities.

All prospective members must agree to abide by the Women Independent Producers | Code of Conduct 



As a reference, below are practical industry guidelines currently being used to define the various roles and duties of producers.

  • Producers Guild of Americas (PGA)
    PRODUCERS MARK (p.g.a), 
    Rules and Procedures for 2022 Awards Eligibility - Motion Pictures


  • Documentary Producers Alliance (DPA) 

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