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Prioritizing producer self-care is a key focus at WIP. When Eda Lishman generously shared words of encouragement on our exclusive WIP Forum in response to Adetoro Makinde's request for collective positive energy ahead of a significant pitch, we found this sentiment so uplifting that we couldn't resist sharing it with our entire community. Sometimes, all it takes is that extra pep talk to propel you across the finish line.

Just before it's your turn take a few minutes to quiet your mind and:


1. Five minutes before your "presentation" go find a private spot.... do several "ninja turtle" squats and let as much air out as you can. with a huge "swoosh" sound..-it clears the energy.  


2..  Then in your mind's eye....bring up a soft pink light... surround your "prospective audience" with it and for the panel...surround them with all that lightness and send them love.. 


3. Set and send your intention: once you have set it..let it go..


" My project is divinely inspired. It comes through me into the world with ease. The universe is bringing forth all the right ingredients to support me and my film and my dream".


4.   Remember to speak slowly....there is nothing to rush... Three minutes is a long time. The audience and the "panelists" are pulling for you".   Always start with why you are there and why you are drawn to this project. 


6. When you get to the stage;  Don't say you are nervous... say: "Hello, thank you for giving me this opportunity".


 Look them squarely in the eye and know the right words will just flow out. They have been waiting for this project. You are safe. You are relaxed. You are not in the least bit desperate.




( I am sending you the softest white light- lean into God's embrace" . You've got this girl.  No one knows more about this project than you. Speak through your heart, not through your "need".



It has already happened. I would wish you good luck. but it is already in the bag. And so it is!

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