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What's in Your Toolkit

Adetoro Makinde
Our Friday column asks our members about their favorite tool, software, article of clothing, shoes on set, favorite scriptwriting software, etc.

Adetoro Makinde – Producer

The trip to the Sundance Film Festival can be daunting – but NYWIFT Member and Women Independent Producers (WIP) President Adetoro Makinde has ventured to Park City eight times, so it is safe to say she is a Sundance pro! We caught up with her on the eve of the festival to try to glean some wisdom…and see what’s in her toolkit both at Sundance and on set.

What is the one thing you can’t live without during production?

My Samsung Galaxy 9+ cellphone. It serves as my walking computer for all on-the-go research, communication, taking out Murphy’s Law fires, as well as my personal music concert on Spotify when I need to drown out the noise. Big things come in small packages.

What do you eat on set?

Actually I find it difficult to eat on set. I’m constantly moving, thinking and doing. I’m very health conscious so nuts, fruit and lots of water are my go to nibbles. Beyond that whatever my assistants puts on my plate during meal breaks. Making sure I actually eat a meal is their number one job responsibility. Everything else, I can pretty much handle.

What do you do to help de-stress?

I’m a zen earthy kind of person. So meditation, candles, yoga, aromatherapy and frequency sounds usually do the trick. But on a good weather day, it’s me on my bicycle riding along the Hudson in Riverside Park. Absolute bliss.

You’ve been to Sundance eight times. What’s the most important thing on your packing list?

A good inside/outside coat and comfortable boots. A lot has changed over the years since my first Sundance premiere in 2002. Park City was busy, but now it's like a being in the middle of a West Indian Day Parade. There’s so much activity that you find yourself hopping from one event to another. So there’s nothing like being able to trek up and down Main St. from morning to night with a coat that can weather the Hollywood invasion.

What brings you to Sundance this year?

I’m heading to Sundance for the U.S. premiere of a South African short film Sadla where I serve as an associate producer and to pitch my feature film The American Can to financiers, talent and distributors. Before I knew of the short’s acceptance, I had already decided to come to Sundance. After 14 years of studio development I’m finally taking back control of my feature and telling the powerful story of John Keller and his heroic in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina… my vision, my way.

(photo by Charles Chessler)


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